Bay City Players

Contribute to Bay City Players

You help make great theatre possible in Bay City! Your tax-deductible financial contributions support Bay City Players as we provide engaging showgoing experiences in a quality venue.

We are presently raising funds for Phase III, a $1.5 million renovation that includes new seats and a renovated theater interior, stage area and orchestra pit. Your gift will have a direct impact on the completion of these improvements – making a great Bay City theatre experience even better.

Download a contribution form, or click the donate link below to contribute online.

Advertise with Bay City Players

When you advertise with Bay City Players, your ad will be printed in the program of five different shows and be seen by as many as 9,000 audience members.

Advertisement Pricing:

  • Quarter Page – $300
  • Third Page – $330
  • Half Page – $375
  • Cast Page – $400
  • Full Page – $600
  • Inside Back Cover Color – $725
  • Inside Front Cover Color – $750
  • Outside Back Cover Color – $800

If interested, please email with your name and phone number, or contact the administrative office.